Product Development
I am responsible for all phases of design, development, and strategy at Tinrocket, where our award-winning photo apps have enabled over a million people to create something beautiful.

Since releasing our first app in 2010, Tinrocket has built a reputation for quality, fun, and originality with App Store customers.
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Engineering Research
Can a computer see like an artist?

To find out, I developed a patented method of image stylization that’s inspired by art and biology.
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Interaction & Simulation
I helped code Plants by Tinybop, a STEM app that lets kids explore the diversity of life in a collection of ever-changing biomes.

In addition to accurately simulating the night sky, spreading virtual wildfires, and bringing research-driven animal behavior to life, I made it possible for the deer to poop when touched.
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Data Visualization
At The Associated Press, I worked side-by-side with journalists to tell stories with graphics and data.

Over the course of several years, I developed the systems, tools, and workflows for AP’s election graphics coverage and other data visualizations, for both print and online use.
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